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Precipice: Speaker Spotlight VI

Our final three presenters for *Precipice *are Tanya Menon, Harmony Project, and Madison Swart. Learn more about them in their bios below. Buy your ticket to Precipice before they sell out! You can also see our full speaker lineup here. Tanya Menon is an Associate Professor in the Fisher College »

TEDx: Edify

On December 2nd, we held our second satellite event of the semester and had over 80 attendees. At “Edify,” three undergraduate students spoke about the importance and impact of obstacles that interfere with education and education reform. Our first speaker was Therese Rajasekera, who is a fourth-year studying neuroscience and »

Election Day 2016: We Made It!

After a grueling 17 months, the 2016 Presidential Election campaign season is finally coming to a close today. Hillary Clinton (D), Donald Trump (R), Gary Johnson (L), or Jill Stein (G) will be announced as the next President of the United States. BEFORE I GO ON – have you voted? Because »

I Am Hamlet @ Marion Correctional

Two of us here at TEDxOhioStateUniversity went to prison a couple weeks ago. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. And yes, we’re ok. For the past year, TEDxOhioStateUniversity has been collaborating with Marion Correctional Institute (MCI) in Marion, Ohio. Our partnership has been to assist, advise »

Reactive Preview: Dr. Noel Paul

Dr. Noel Paul graduated with his PhD in Chemistry from The Ohio State University in 2004, then received a fellowship with the National Institute of Health for Drug Abuse. Over the past years, he has worked to better comprehend the role of the dopamine neurotransmitter system in addiction. At his »

Reactive Preview: Dr. David Nagib

Our second speaker at this week’s satellite event, Reactive, is Dr. David Nagib. Dr. Nagib received his B.S. in chemistry from Boston College, and then went on to earn his PhD from Princeton University in 2011. He was also a an NIH Postdoctoral Scholar with Prof. F. Dean »

Summer Series III

Woah! Everyone has moved back to campus, which means summer is coming to a close and our blog series is as well. Follow the links to read the previous segments: I and II. To conclude our summer posts are three final stories from Greg, Sam, and Shivang Patel. Be sure »

Summer Series II

We’re back with the second installment of our Summer Series! You might have caught up with a few of our members that were featured in our first post, but if you missed it you can catch up here. To provide more of a background to our organization, here are »