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The Impact of A Livestream

This year, our team worked diligently and enthusiastically to create our best event yet. Reconstructing Reality, on March 5th, inspired and enticed conversation among all attendees. This year, in addition to creating the event, we set our sights on improving our virtual presence. In the spirit of TED, we aimed »

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy these lovely talks alone or with your love! Alec Soth + Stacey Baker: This is what enduring love looks like Accompanied with photos by Alec Soth, this 10 minute talk by Stacey Baker discusses her obsession with how couples meet. Jenni Chang + Lisa Dazols: This is what LGBT life is »

InterTEDx Talk: Brandon Muschlitz

Our last InterTEDx talk of the semester was given by Director of Marketing, Brandon Muschlitz. Brandon is a junior studying Business Marketing with a minor in Design. He originally joined TEDxOhioStateU during his sophomore year as a member of the Logistics Committee. How did you chose the topic of your »

InterTEDx Talk: Greg Nagy

Our TEDx team is full of interesting and intelligent students dedicated to ideas worth spreading. This year we have added an aspect to our weekly meetings where a member gives an informal TED talk of their own. These talks are a great stepping stone to sharing ideas and introducing our »

An Insider’s View of Speaking at TEDx

In anticipation of the speaker and performer applications opening soon for our 2016 Event on March 5, we talked with two of our past speakers – Dr. Ewoldson and Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown – to share their experience working with TEDxOhioStateU. Dr. Ewoldsen spoke at our 2015 Event, The Human Narrative. His TEDx »