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Precipice: Speaker Spotlight II

Today we're featuring two more speakers for our 2017 event, Precipice. Mikayla Bodey is a fourth-year student in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Mikayla grew up on a small family farm in west-central Ohio, and is the first in her family to attend college. Mikayla has dedicated her »

Precipice: Speaker Spotlight I

Yesterday, we released our speaker lineup and opened ticket sales for our main event: Precipice! We're exciTED for all of our speakers and performers and hope that you'll join us on March 25, 2017, at the Ohio Union. Visit to purchase your ticket before they sell out! »

TEDx: Edify

On December 2nd, we held our second satellite event of the semester and had over 80 attendees. At “Edify,” three undergraduate students spoke about the importance and impact of obstacles that interfere with education and education reform. Our first speaker was Therese Rajasekera, who is a fourth-year studying neuroscience and »

Reactive Preview: Dr. Noel Paul

Dr. Noel Paul graduated with his PhD in Chemistry from The Ohio State University in 2004, then received a fellowship with the National Institute of Health for Drug Abuse. Over the past years, he has worked to better comprehend the role of the dopamine neurotransmitter system in addiction. At his »

Summer Series III

Woah! Everyone has moved back to campus, which means summer is coming to a close and our blog series is as well. Follow the links to read the previous segments: I and II. To conclude our summer posts are three final stories from Greg, Sam, and Shivang Patel. Be sure »

Summer Series II

We’re back with the second installment of our Summer Series! You might have caught up with a few of our members that were featured in our first post, but if you missed it you can catch up here. To provide more of a background to our organization, here are »

Carla Bailo... Where is she now?

Our 2016 event Reconstructing Reality was a great success and featured some of Ohio State's brightest individuals. This year's talks and performances are posted on our website and can be viewed here! One of our speakers has been making headlines recently. Carla Bailo, Assistant Vice President for Mobility Research and »

One's Reality After Reconstruction

One month has passed since Reconstructing Reality, and the TEDx team has already started to work on next year’s event. To make our 2017 event even better than this year, we sent out a survey to this year’s attendees. We have been overwhelmed with positive responses. Reconstructing Reality »