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Hide or Seek... What does it mean to YOU?

It’s safe to say that most of us played, and enjoyed, the popular childhood game “hide and seek.” The heightened suspense of searching for your friends, the increasing excitement of looking for a good hiding spot, and the moment of surprise when being found has always been magically fascinating »

The "Public" in Public Health

Growing up in a family with doctors, I have always been vaccinated properly, and luckily enough, I had never experienced serious epidemics in China… until the last summer of my middle school in 2002. Schools were off for over a month because of the nationwide outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory »

How do we find and coach our speakers?

Speaker release is only a week away! As our team works diligently to design and market our event, we thought it would be helpful to share our process of selecting speakers. This year’s event, Precipice, features nine speakers and three performers. Read on to learn more about how we »

Reactive Preview: Dr. David Nagib

Our second speaker at this week’s satellite event, Reactive, is Dr. David Nagib. Dr. Nagib received his B.S. in chemistry from Boston College, and then went on to earn his PhD from Princeton University in 2011. He was also a an NIH Postdoctoral Scholar with Prof. F. Dean »

Reconstructing Reality: Preview

ONE more day until Reconstructing Reality – get exciTED! Here’s what to expect of the event: from registration, to food, to the talks themselves. The day will begin with check-in, which will be held at the Ohio Union on College Road. Upon entering the building, you’ll notice TEDx members »

5 Days Left Until #BuckeyesReconstruct

Only 5 more days!! At TEDxOhioStateUniversity, we have worked hard to create an amazing event for you. With Reconstructing Reality quickly approaching, we thought we would share what you might expect this year! To do this, we reached out to a few attendees from our event last year for input, »

Happy Halloween!

In honor of the year’s spookiest holiday here’s a short playlist of TED talks to watch after dark: More talks can be found at ted.com or on TEDxOhioState’s website at tedx.osu.edu. Have a safe and spooky Halloween! »

Welcome Back!

The first few weeks back at school (or new to school, #new2osu) can be stressful and overwhelming. Procrastination inevitably tends to sneak its way into your schedule and Netflix is always there, but what about TED talks? Talks span all topics and cultures and range from 5 to 25 minutes. »