Welcome back readers! Hope everyone had a peaceful break from the intense regimen of college coursework. At this point in the semester, we are contemplating the logistics of creating a time machine to travel back to simpler times. Time machines are expensive, so let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember the weekend before fall break: HOMECOMING WEEKEND — more specifically the Homecoming pep rally.
On October 5th, the Ohio Union was home to the 2018 Homecoming pep rally. Interesting acts and notable Ohio State affiliates occupied the stage to pump up the crowd for the homecoming weekend. While the crowd cheered for the excitable Brutus, in the midst of the commotion, TEDxOhioStateUniveristy held its first of many booths of the season. With a huge red “X” cut-out, our booth was a sight you couldn’t miss. We held our stand for most of the duration of the pep-rally and had our wonderful team excite our audience for TEDxOhioStateUniversity events. TEDxOhioStateUniversity gives Ohio State affiliates a platform to spread their ideas, and illuminate the audience on conversations that need to occur. The objective of our homecoming pep rally booth was to promote the theme of TEDxOhioStateUniversity’s spring event — Fuse! Our booth integrated the theme of FUSE in a light-hearted and interactive activity that prompted the visitors to take part. The said activity was to allow visitors of our booth to write down their passions or interests on a provided puzzle piece, and they would attach their piece to another person’s puzzle piece. Each puzzle piece held a fragment of the person’s identity, and our passions and interests makeup who we are as people. The end-result puzzle masterpiece is a representation of the conglomerate of identities that can be found within the Ohio State community. We are a fuse of differing identities, with our own varying passions, but we can come together like pieces in a puzzle to share our ideas — our passions. TED is devoted to spreading ideas: our passions are the baselines of our ideas. The puzzle piece activity represents that we all have an idea worth spreading. This is the importance of TEDxOhioStateUniversity: to spread ideas to our community. We not only have the voices to spread such ideas, but we also have the hunger to learn from each other. Our events throughout the semester are fantastic outlets to satisfy our needs to gain knowledge. Our booths provide Ohio State students, faculty, and staff a chance to get acquainted with the information of the various events we hold throughout the year. As a (very) proud member of the PR committee — the committee who handles the booths — I can vouch for the effectivity of the booths we hold throughout the year. Similar to the activity seen in our pep rally booth, the booths to come will have be just as interactive and fun, if not more. Be on the lookout to see the insightful and fun booths the TEDxOhioStateUniversity’s PR committee have in store for the Ohio State community.