After Where’s Waldo… here comes the TEDxOhioStateUniversity Scavenger Hunt!

As college students, we may be too old to play hide-and-seek like when we were kiddos, but there is another game we can play that resonates perfectly with TEDxOhioStateUniversity 2018: Hide or Seek—the scavenger hunt!

Evolved from ancient folk games, scavenger hunts gained its followers in the U.S. ever since Hollywood gossip columnist and hostess Elsa Maxwell introduced it from Paris in the 1930’s. Being the “hunter games”, this searching game had once been adapted to include elements of “dare or truth”, challenging people to interact with the surroundings in the process of looking for pre-defined items. Yet in its earlier period, this game bear more elitist characteristics, being their party favorites. Such “scavenger-hunt craze” had even been satirized in the 1936 film My Man Godfrey, where players are challenged to hunt for a “Forgotten Man”, aka a homeless person.

Being a popular party game, nowadays scavenger hunts are held regularly in American universities and communities, involving tons of participants. The basic concept embedded in the hunting process intrigues human beings to satisfy their curiosities and to compete with each other, through a lot of social activities such as gossips and collaborations. In addition, as one variation of the scavenger hunt makes items are not specifically listed but hinted, the searching would become a fun game involving intellectual and manual efforts.

The TEDxOhioStateUniversity Scavenger Hunt is such a game where our fellow buckeyes are challenged (and can land you free tickets to our event)! As a special event to celebrate our 2018 ticket release, everybody is invited to participate in our scavenger hunt to win two free tickets to TEDxOhioStateUniversity 2018: Hide or Seek on February 24th! Now read carefully the following game instructions to start your hunt:

• Four riddles will be hidden around campus, each of them resulting in a one-word answer;

• You will get hints from our social media, regarding where these riddles might be hidden;

• Once you have found and solved all the riddles, you should unscramble the four words into a phrase;

• Get your answer back to us through direct message on our social media or by emailing our gmail account, and you win two tickets to our February event for free!

If you missed our first “hide-or-seek” game of Where’s Waldo last semester, you should seize this chance to not only get your free pass to our event, but also hangout with friends on campus to boost the beginning of your semester!