TEDxOhioStateUniversity is an organization completely run by Ohio State students to bring you the best TEDx event possible… but that can’t happen without a nice chunk of change to get the ball rolling. If you ever wonder what funds our 46-member organization operates on, it is time to introduce our Development Committee! Let’s see how committee director Adam Benway speaks on his committee:

“The Development Committee is responsible for raising funds to finance the organization and make connections with individuals or groups that could help support our mission. Some funds come from grants that are available because we’re a student organization, but others are donations from departments within the University. We spend our time looking for contacts that want to help us put on the best events possible! The bulk of our monetary funds come from within OSU, but we get a lot of donations externally as well.

Outside companies can help us by donating mostly through items and discounts, rather than cash. In the past, we’ve gotten discounts on shirts, food, audience gifts, and other extra items. We have also been lucky to receive items such as rental couches, notebooks, snacks, and carpet for free! Since our event changes each year, we never know what we’ll need for the next year, but we try to maintain good relations with companies so that we can work with them the next year if need-be.

We generally thank our donors with a few free tickets to the event and the option of including their logo on our marketing supplies. A lot of the companies are happy to help just because they’re supporting a group that works hard for students and has similar principles.

Development works with the other committees in TEDxOhioStateU a lot, mostly by making sure they have the funds they need to host marketing events, print fliers, design the stage, or hold satellite events. Even though the Development Committee is small, we keep track of the rest of the organization and focus on helping other members fulfill their tasks. In the future, we aim to stay well-funded to provide the best events we can!”