Our final three presenters for *Precipice *are Tanya Menon, Harmony Project, and Madison Swart. Learn more about them in their bios below. Buy your ticket to Precipice before they sell out! You can also see our full speaker lineup here.

Tanya Menon is an Associate Professor in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Her research explores the schematics people use to organize information about the people, groups, and networks that surround them. These mental models of the social world reveal both how we solve problems at work and how we create them. She has taught award winning courses on Power and Persuasion, Negotiations, and Organizational Behavior to students and managers all over the world. In her spare time, Tanya enjoys hanging out with her husband and daughter, recalling her college days as a competitive tennis player, reading advice columns (and justifying that as psychological research), and hypocritically lecturing others about the importance of reducing clutter and finding calm in their daily lives.

Harmony Project is a non-profit organization with a mission of connecting people across social divides through the arts, education, and volunteer community service. Working together, they build a social infrastructure that unites the community for the greater good, bringing about real results in real time. Their Goal: A Community in Harmony.

Madison Swart is a fourth-year at The Ohio State University in the College of Social Work with a minor in psychology. She is the founder and president of the 501-c3 nonprofit organization, Project HEAL – Ohio State, where she works to raise money to create scholarships that provide eating disorder patients with vital medical care denied to them through their insurers. She is working for Teach For America after graduation, and hopes to get her Masters in Social Work and Public Affairs as well.

Madison has dedicated her life to raising awareness of the issues many are unaware of. She enjoys civic engagement and participating in various events around the greater Columbus area that work to give back to the public. Aside from volunteering, Madison finds comfort in local coffee shops, thrift stores, and the knowledge that she is working as hard as she can to help the right people get into power, in hopes they can carry on her vision for change.

Madison hopes that whatever she does and wherever she goes she can continue to bring justice and peace.