We're featuring two more of our presenters for our 2017 event Precipice. Read about speaker Karen Lewis and performer Drew Murray below! Visit tedx.osu.edu to purchase your ticket before they sell out! You can also see our full speaker lineup here.

Karen Lewis is a graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Wellesley College. She is currently an Associate Professor of Architecture at The Ohio State University whose research interests explore the intersection of graphic and infrastructural systems. Her recent published design projects include Light Industrial Landscape, a proposal that explores the programmatic overlap of transportation and recreational systems in New York, and Resilience Network, a living, landscape memorial in Connecticut that connects underused parks and recreational spaces with contemplative zones for reflection.

Professor Lewis’s current project explores the spatial qualities of The Oregon Trail, a landscape of transportation and communication technology. Since its identity as a route for Westward Expansion, the Oregon Trail has continued to evolve as a space for infrastructural interchange. From the US Mail service, the Union Pacific Railroad, highways and its current use as a conduit for oil, gas, and internet infrastructure, the Oregon Trail is an ever-evolving landscape of network of connectivity.

Drew Murray is a magician, artist, and entrepreneur. He currently resides in Columbus, but travels across the country performing hundreds of events each year. He started learning magic at just 10 years old. Since then, Drew’s career has skyrocketed, and his talents have enabled him to acquire an impressive client list including the FBI, Progressive Insurance, Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, and many others. Drew graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014.