Summer Series III

Woah! Everyone has moved back to campus, which means summer is coming to a close and our blog series is as well. Follow the links to »

Summer Series II

We’re back with the second installment of our Summer Series! You might have caught up with a few of our members that were featured in »

Redefining Travel

(This blog post was written in the spirit of our Summer Travel Series and of course, adventure. No one can ever really get enough of both. »

Carla Bailo... Where is she now?

Our 2016 event Reconstructing Reality was a great success and featured some of Ohio State's brightest individuals. This year's talks and performances are posted on our »

Summer Series I

Hello hello! Today we are kicking off the first segment of TEDxOhioStateUniversity: Summer Series! Our members work very hard throughout the academic year, and that doesn’ »